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    Christine Parker (August, 2011)
    Time has gotten away from me, I'm afraid. We've had two hurricanes and an earthquake since we have come back!
    Not a day goes by that I don't think about our trip to ST-Petersburg. Right now I am reading Petersburg by Bely.
    You asked me what we liked best and I replied that I would need to think about it. I have had no success at determining a number one. Pavlovsk, the Summer Cottage of Nicholas I, and meeting the three curators (Hermitage, Nabokov, and Dostoevsky Museums) still head my short list of favourites.
    We very much want to return and have started a list of places we want to see. We had friends to dinner who looked at our photos and now want to come. We credited you being able to see so much in a relatively short stay.
    We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us. It was simply amazing. We hope that if you are ever in Washington that you will look us up so that we can show you some of our favourite places here.
    All the best


  • 30
    Asher (August, 2011)

    Thank you very much for the wonderful tours! They were excellent! 


  • 29
    Anna. (April, 2011)

    Hi, Marina,

    Thanks for asking, everything was just great and we arrived safely home yesterday. Please give our thanks to Alla for the city tour and also to the hotel, it was just great,rooms were comfortable,breakfast was good and the hotel personnel very friendly-and the location in the city center was just perfect! We may have been a bit noisy on Saturday night and for that I apologise, hope we did not cause too much discomfort in the hotel?!

    Thank you very much for everything!

    Best regards,

  • 28
    Chris. (August, 2010)

    Hi Marina,

    Michelle and I really enjoyed our tours, service, and hospitality with your company. I wish you all the best and success (you should have no problem achieving this if you maintain the high standards we experienced).

    Take care,

  • 27
    Take care, Sandy (July, 2010)

    Hi Marina,

    I just wanted to let you know what an enjoyable tour we had with you and Sergey. Our family did not have a high expectation of our visit to Russia, but after our two days there, we have all agreed it was the best country on our cruise.

    Sergey was so knowledgeable, entertaining and above all, very accommodating especially by taking us on a stop to the local Fire Station there. The Captian and crew there so gracious and our visit there will remain a great memory for all of us.

    While most "adult aged kids" might be bored on a tour like this, even my 25 year old son, Evan, commented several times about what a great time he had. This is such a great compliment to Sergey.

    I would highly recommend your tour to my friends and family! Thanks again for creating such wonderful memories for us all.

  • 26
    Doud, Kathy and Dory (June, 2010)


    Many thanks again to you and your team. You run a first class professional operation and due to your thoughtful and detailed planning our time in ST-Petersburg was the highlight of our entire trip. A special thanks for selecting Anna to lead us, she is a joy! We found her English flawless and her sense of humour really made us feel like we were visiting with an old friend. Her wealth of knowledge about your city and its wealth of heritage sites and especially her ability to embellish the facts with trivia and little anecdotes actually made me take interest in some of the art works which I usually find a little boring. She clearly enjoys her job.

    And she took us to several of her favourite, local small restaurants so we could experience your typical foods rather than tourist fare-she is the best!!!

    Also you drivers, Feodor and the gentleman on Sunday-I don't recall his name did a terrific job of getting us around.

    Please feel free to use us for a reference any time and we will certainly refer anyone we know who is headed to ST-Petersburg your way. 

    Hope you summer is busy.

    All our best,

  • 25
    Robert Quat (October, 2009)

    Svetlana was the greatest. We could not have asked for anyone better. Thank you.

  • 24
    John and Elizabeth Gibson (July, 2009)

    Hello Marina,

    Well, finally safely home after some drama. But first please allow me once again to thank you on behalf of Elizabeth as well, for the most unforgettable holiday we have ever had. As we indicated when parting it was far beyond  anything we could have ever expected.

    As you are aware, we would like to plan to return next autumn to see all the trees in their autumn colours which we believe would be most spectacular...



  • 23
    Carolyn and Guy (August, 2008)

    Dear Marina,

    Thank you for your e-mail. We are sorry we have not written earlier as we did want to express our thanks to you for looking after us in ST-Petersburg. We had a wonderful time there thanks to you, Alexi, and Fodor, have many special memories. We came away with a much better appreciation of Russian history and culture and are most grateful for that...

    Warm regards,

  • 22
    Cindy Mitchell. (June, 2008)

    Hi Marina,

    This is Cindy Mitchell from your June tour with Debbi and Gary Montgomery. I'm so sorry for taking so long to touch base, but I wanted to tell you how very much Robert and I enjoyed our time in Russia, in particular, ST-Petersburg. I have told everyone that will listen what we saw and did in your country. Spectacular---and we are still sorting through our pictures! And I checked my books and Robert Massie wrote the book on Peter the Great that I read. The other authors were Marc Ferro (Nicholas II), Joan Haslip (Catherine the Great), Henri Troyat (Catherine the Great).

    As I said, and meant, if you're ever travelling through Texas and have time to stop in Austin, our home is open. I hope everything os working out well for you, your husband and the kids. I guess school has started by now for them. Wishing you a busy tourist season! Take care

  • 21
    Valerie Cherrington


    Since I had an interest in the Romanovs,the Rulers of Russia,naturally I wanted to go there to see for myself where some of the important events which have shaped the history of that Country have taken place.

    I have now visited St. Petersburg four times and my husband three times and we still want to return again. We have an on-going love affair with the City and the Country.

    St.Petersburg is a magnificent city.Although not as old as some European cities,it has much to offer those who visit it.

    There are Museums,Art Galleries,Palaces,Architecture and Monuments,glorious Houses and Parks,Canals and Bridges and the River Neva,Cathedrals and Churches as well as modern Hotels and Shopping,Theatres and Concert Halls.The City also offers a very efficient Transport System and indeed,everything that the modern traveller would require.

    Contrary to what many seem to think,the street are not full of muggers and criminals. We can honestly say that we have never been approached or worried in any way during any of our visits.If you take the same care of your posessions as you would when visiting any other City,you will not have a problem.We have never had any reason to feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

    The Russian people are warm and welcoming and although few visitors speak the language,we have always been able to make ourselves understood.

    Of course,it is helpful if you enlist the services of a competent guide and the best person I can think of to fulfill that role is Marina Wilson.

    Marina was born in the City of St Petersburg and is very familiar with it in every way.Her husband is Australian,hence the surname.She is aware of what is going on at all times and keeps herself fully informed of all events taking place there. She is very knowledgable of its history and art collections and can give you any information you may want.

    She will arrange a visit for you as an individual or a small group to include those places of interest you want to visit.So many Package Holidays only really “scratch the surface” and are usually on limited time when making visits whereas Marina will arrange to allow you to have the time you need to see what you want.

    She will be pleased to assist you in the practical arrangements from obtaining your Visa,your flights and transfers and Hotel accomodation to suit your needs.Tickets for the Theatre or Ballet or a Concert can also be obtained.

    Marina Wilson is a very professional person in everything she undertakes and visitors to the City can have every confidence that she will do her utmost to ensure their visit is a memorable one.

    Do contact her and discuss your needs and plans with her.She will be pleased to hear from you and I am sure that if there are any doubts in your mind, they will soon be dispelled.

    Russia is an amazing Country and St. Petersburg is and remains a very important City.Go there and see for yourself ,I am sure you won’t regret it.

  • 20

    HI Marina,

    I am back home now and just wanted to thank you for that wonderful tour of
    St. Petersburg. We all loved it- even the kids. You should hear them telling
    everyone about it. My only regret was that I had so little time to spend in
    Russia. I will have to find a way to come back.

    If you need a reference, please do not hesitate to give my name.


  • 19
    Keith Murphy

    Hi Marina,

    How are you? I hope this mail finds you well and healthy!

    First of all, I must start with an apology. When we got back from St
    Petersburg last August, one of the first things I intended to do was to get
    back in touch with you with our feedback. Unfortunately, as is usual when I
    get back from a holiday destination, I delete all the numerous mails about
    flights, tickets, hotels etc etc and this is exactly what I accidentally did
    with your e-mail address not long after my arrival back to Dublin. So, let
    me say a big SORRY for not getting back in touch with you. Just by chance, I
    came accross a printed-out itinerary at the back of a file from yourself at
    the weekend and found your e-mail address.

    The Christmas card you sent was a lovely gesture and very much appreciated
    by both of us. It certainly was nice to be thought of from so far away. It
    just made be even more annoyed and ashamed that I couldn’t get back in touch
    with you to thank you..until now.

    I must also thank you for your services in St Petersburg last August. We had
    a fabulous time and enjoyed every minute of it. Everything from the airport
    transport to the theatre seats to the tours was first class. Your enery,
    enthusiasm and pride of your homeland were only matched by your friendliness
    and manners. St Petersburg is a fabulous city and we plan to revisit it
    someday, hopefully we will be able to use your services again and in the
    meantime I will glady recommend you to all potential visitors.

    Thanks again. I hope you and your family are all keeping well, whether that
    be in Russia or Australia ;o)

    Best Wishes,
    Keith Murphy

  • 18

    Hello Marina

    Sorry to only just be replying, admin backlog!

    We had a wonderful time thank you. Svetlana was excellent. Interesting,
    patient and the perfect host.

    We shall be back!

    Kind regards


  • 17
    Charlie Palmer


    We returned from Sweden last Friday and are now back in New
    Hampshire hoping that summer is not far away. The weather here has been
    cold with rain for the past five days. I want to thank you for making our
    trip to St. Petersburg a very special event, and one that will be in our
    memory bank for a very long time. We were very fortunate, you are not only
    a wonderful tour guide, but you do it with ease, professionalism, and charm
    a great combination. Also, your choice of the Ermitage Hotel was perfect, a
    great location, and comfortable accommodations with a very friendly and
    accommodating staff, a nice place to spend four days. Also, we enjoyed
    meeting Natasha, looks like you and she make a great team.

    Thanks again for making our trip a memorable one, and hope you
    will be hearing from some of our friends in the future.

    Best regards,

    Charlie Palmer

  • 16
    Anne and Mark

    Hi Marina,

    It was a great 4 days in St Peet.
    Natasha was excellent, and the kids will be happy to go back to that wonderful city.
    Thank you very much for organizing that tour with such a short notice.

    Anne and Mark

  • 15


    Having just returned home I hasten to thank you for making our stay in St. Petersburg so fantastic. We really had a great time and the service and kindness received from Svetlana and your driver was second to none.

    Thank you so much for arranging the programme for us and our memory’s of your wonderful city will be with us for many years to come.

    Warmest regards,

  • 14
    No signature

    Was spectacular. Very nice, knows how to get things done with the museum people, parking etc. Could not have been better. Didn’t care how late we did things. Showed us everything. Planning was unbelievable but changed plans when joy wanted more shopping (go figure). This might be our best stop ever. Highly recommend her.

  • 13
    Geoff and Lindsay

    Dear Marina

    We are just sailing out of St Petersburg and we are sorry to be leaving. We loved the three days and thank you so much for your wonderful organization. This visit has been such a highlight for us. Svetlana was excellent, very knowledgeable and the way she presented everything was just so interesting and so well done. We enjoyed being with her – she is a beautiful person, inside and out. Our driver too was very friendly and very good at his job!

    The canal cruise was great and thank you so much for the excellent champagne – a lovely surprise and a perfect ending – what more can I say, the three days were fantastic and we hope to visit again.

    With our very best wishes to you

    Geoff and Lindsay

  • 12

    Dear Marina,

    I am back in Sydney after a long month away. St Petersburg was the
    highlight of my trip and your friendly and efficient arrangements certainly
    contributed to it. Thanks so much for your personal attention to all the
    details of our trip. You run a great tour operation. I definitely want to
    go back to St Petersburg and hopefully I can do it next year.

    Best regards,

  • 11

    Dear Marina,

    How are you?
    Thank you for everything. You were terrific. The type of service you provided was personal, spectacular. You made everything there perfect. Thank you for your cares at train station. I didn’t expect the driving services you provided even at night. Svetlana will cherish this trip, the time with you forever.


  • 10
    Sarah & Christine

    Hi Marina!

    We had the most amazing trip and it was made all the better by having you as our guide. My mum and I both could not have asked for a better or more knowledgeable guide to show us around St Petersburg!! It made our whole journey a fantastic experience!

    I look forward to perhaps meeting up with you in Sydney when I get home.

    Thank you again for making our time in St Petersburg and Russia such a wonderful and stress-free experience.

    Lots of kind wishes!
    Sarah & Christine

  • 9

    Marina. The trip to St. Petersburg was really fascinating. I learned so much about Russian history and St. Petersburg and all the palaces were so beautiful.

    Thank you for your very informative tours and your thoughtfulness.

  • 8

    Dear Marina,

    Many thanks for your help in finding Sergey for us…he was brilliant! We managed to find the hotel using the shuttle bus and metro as you advised, but were very grateful for Sergey’s help getting to lots of other places and back to the airport, as well as all the historical background and other information he shared . And we so much enjoyed the trip to Catherine’s Palace…with the exclusive concert in such a beautiful setting!

  • 7
    Darren Marshall


    Thanks for your help and your excellent guidance. We enjoyed your tours of
    the palaces and the city.

    We loved the folklore show, dinner at Stroganoff’s, and our tour with
    Svetlana. We had a lot of fun in Peterhof.

    The trip went phenomenally smooth.
    So, much thanks,
    Darren Marshall

  • 6
    David Rogers


    Just a note to say many thanks again for all your help during our visit to St Petersburg and for being such a considerate and informative guide. We greatly enjoyed our stay and despite the fairly hectic programme had a thoroughly relaxing holiday in which we all learned a lot. Much of this is due to your own attention to detail, consideration for others and ability to impart information while maintaining interest throughout each tour.

    Best Regards
    David Rogers

  • 5
    John and Janice Switzer

    Dear Marina,

    We had a very good time in St. Petersburg and Catherine’s Palace thanks
    to you. You explained the buildings with thoroughness and have a great love for your city and job. The city is the most beautiful we visited in our 40 day tour. Thank you for helping us get to know the area. Especially thank
    you for helping us get to know you.

    John and Janice Switzer

  • 4
    Volker Nurnberg

    Dear Marina,

    many thanks for your wonderful hospitality in St. Petersburg. I enjoyed my
    stay thouroughly and felt safe all the time.

    Best regards,
    Volker Nurnberg,
    Leipzig, Germany

  • 3
    Maureen and Frank Camp

    Dear Marina

    We want to thank you for the wonderful tour you gave us of the Hermatage, we will remember it for the rest of our lives,if you ever get to the Gold Coast again get in touch, but first do not forget to try Melbourne I know its not St Petersburg but its the next best place and I don’t think the Mozzies are as big there.

    Regards Maureen and Frank Camp.

  • 2
    Noriko Nagata

    Dear Marina,

    Hello, this is Noriko Nagata.
    Thank you very much for your hospitality on our tour of the Catherine
    My father says he is grateful for everything you have done during the tour.

    The best of health to you.
    Yours sincerely,

  • 1
    Richard Merrill Haney


    We are eternally indebted to you for such a marvellous presentation of a very complex and rich and deep culture and human beauty and tragedy……

    With the warmest regards,
    Richard and Merle,
    Canada, Ottawa

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