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About Marina Wilson

I am, Marina Wilson, a native of what is recognized as one of the most unique cities of the world –Saint Petersburg.

I was born in a small town about 60 kilometers from Saint Petersburg (Leningrad at that time). Since my childhood, my parents kept me involved into cultural life of the second Russian capital. The visits to museums and art galleries, concerts and theatres compensated for the lack of McDonalds and game zones during the Soviet era.

The start of perestroika coincided with my University years. As a 4th year student of the Russian State Pedagogical University, I made my first overseas trip to UK where I finished the course “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” in the South Devon College of Arts and Technology. What a difference to my children who are world travelers since the day they are born!

Having graduated from the University qualified as a teacher of English and French, I very soon chose to continue my studies in the Russian Saint Petersburg State University with the major in the International Economics Relations. Meanwhile, I started my professional career with Cadbury-Schweppes, and then continued with the Coca-Cola Company as HR Manager.

My marriage brought subsequent relocation to Kiev, Ukraine where I continued working as a management consultant and HR Director.

We moved back to Russia just a few weeks before our second child, Maxim, was born. I was excited to take time off, spend some time with my kids and refelct on what I am going to do next.

I felt like doing something completely different and after some consideration decided not to go back to the adrenaline of the big business. In 2006 I graduated from the extensive course as a licensed guide for art and history museums of Saint Petersburg: the Hermitage Museum, Catherine Palace, Pavlovsk Palace, Yusupoff Palace, Peterhoff, ST-Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, Russian Museum. Russian history and art, what used to be a life-long hobby turned to be a new professional path. I started working as a free-lance tour guide in Saint Petersburg.

Tourism was a new and exciting business for me. After I had worked for a couple of years as a free lance guide and had built an extensive network in tour business, I ventured to open my own company “Marina Wilson Private Tours”. I gave the company my name to stress my personal responsibility for success of your Russian holiday. My experience of working for large tour operating companies resulted in the idea of private tours. “Private tours” does not mean tours for individuals. Though we love and welcome solo travellers. Groups can be of any comfortable size. This is a rather philosophical approach: to guarantee the best value and provide personalized approach to each customer. I am committed to the success of each tour and ensure the highest quality of our product. My principle goal is a client's satisfaction.

There is an advantage of touring with us rather than with private guides. We are backed up by contracts with transportation companies and can provide a different range of vehicles. Contracts with most popular museums of Saint Petersburg allow us to quote competitive prices and there is no danger of putting your whole holiday experience under responsibility of one person. Our services as a tour operator are insured in accordance with the Russian laws. 

Though I still enjoy guiding tours from time to time, the choice of guides for each particular tour is a central thing of my business. I am privileged to work with the best Saint Petersburg guides who share my customer-oriented philosophy and passion for our city for quite a few years now.

Saint Petersburg is a very unique place; which beauty is simple and complex at the same time. I have been around the world, lived in different countries. My children, Anastasia and Maxim, now refer to two places on earth as homes, Sydney and Saint Petersburg. But I have to confess, there is no place like Saint Petersburg.

Many of my customers come from Australia and New Zealand. Sydney is my second home town and I am happy to meet you there to discuss your Saint Petersburg/Moscow travel. Feel free to give me a call on my Sydney number: +61 419 463658. By now we hosted travelers from US, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, India, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sri-Lanka, Spain, China, Australia and New Zealand. I am honored to have friends in so many countries of the world.

I am also happy to provide you with references of our past customers from your part of the world to get their impressions and advice.

Being a traveler yourself is the only way to understand your customer aspirations, fears and frustrations. I am a long-term business traveler, holiday-maker and a traveler with kids. I can and will step into your shoes whether you are coming to my country on business, longing for a romantic weekend or have a family holiday. I am not just selling sight-seeing tours but create memories.

Sincerely yours, Marina Wilson.

Marina S. Wilson